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We which advocate thing “becoming happy with all the employees” in management philosophy “are pursuit of happiness of discretion both sides of all employees in purpose of management. And we assume that we contribute to peace and development of all humankind.

I promised that I made us world’s best company by the founding 100th anniversary of 2026 to achieve management philosophy, purpose for New Year holidays of 2014 to employees.
It is said that all begins with “thought”. We came to think about various things after it came to want to become the number one in the world.

Meanwhile, at first “thought” “to make world’s best homepage” and “thought” “to make world’s best only one product” came out.
In 2014TOKYO international woodworking machine trade fair that started by such a process from today, we will announce NC router “PLANET BLUE” which is world’s best only one product.

In addition, this new homepage became exhibition soon after “PLANET BLUE” was announced by exhibition.
This welcome page “there is nothing other than 52 employees from now on in us which set sail towards one of the world. However, it made powerful thing with message which there was not that “thought” of 52 people was unified in one saying “it wants to become the number one in the world”.

It is our irreplaceable employee that what made “PLANET BLUE” made this homepage. Thank you very much.

Reality right here today began with hot “thought” “to want to find happiness with all the employees”.

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Hiroshi Shoda

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