Product introduction

Machines for Aircraft/Aerospace Industries

TR series CNC router/Detabbing system NC163TR

  • Aircraft components
  • Aluminum sheet processing

Main features and capabilities

  • Featuring patented technology for high productive machining and detabbing of nested components. TR Series process sheets from single up to 1/2 stacks.
  • It can handle part size up to 3,900 X 1,270mm.
  • For stucked Aluminum up to 12.7mm
  • This model has the power for pocket processing of the aluminum sheet, eliminating the need for chemical milling.

Technical Specifications

Spindle AC spindle
30kw 1,700~30,000min-1
Table size,mm 4,000*1,500 with T-slots
ATC HSK E50, 24 station carousel magazine
CNC control unit 4 axes, maximum 3 simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 4,000
Y 2,100
Z 350
W 30

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Product introduction