Product introduction

Machines for Aircraft/Aerospace Industries

Five Axes simultaneous control Gantry CNC machining system NC197

  • Aircraft parts
  • Engine cover
  • Aluminum frame
  • The body, wing made of CFRP
  • Aluminum sheet processing

Main features and capabilities

  • Automatic processing of CFRP engine covers
  • With the universal, 5 axis head and control machining at any angle is possible.
  • By adding a special table, this machine can be used for machining aircraft parts in various size and shape.
  • This model has a closed-loop laser-measuring device.

Technical Specifications

Spindle AC spindle with universal head
11kw motor 3,000~15,000min-1
Table size,mm 9,000*3,100 with T-slots
ATC MAS BT40, 20 station in carousel magazine
CNC control unit 6 axes simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 13,700
Y 3,400
Z 1,850
B ±110°
C ±270°
U 13,700

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Product introduction