Product introduction

Machines for Aircraft/Aerospace Industries

Gantry type CNC machining system NC293A

  • Aircraft parts
  • Aluminum frame
  • CFR
  • Aluminum sheet processing

Main features and capabilities

  • Machine with AC high power motor, yet attractively priced.
  • Can handle milling and drilling iron castings, light metals and Aluminum
  • The long tabel can support large size part without getting over hang.
  • The gantry bridge design requres only a small footprint.

Technical Specifications

Spindle AC spindle
15kw motor 100~3,000min-1
Table size,mm 6,000*2,000 with T-slots
ATC MAS BT50, 16 station carousel magazine
CNC control unit 4 axes simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 6,000
Y 2,400
Z 400
U 6,000

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Product introduction