Product introduction

Basic NC router

High performance CNC router NC101

  • Furniture
  • Building materials
  • Large resin board
  • Signboard

Main features and capabilities

  • Two table sizes to choose from; 3,000 X 1,500mm & 2,100 X 1,300mm.
  • Spindle with a high frequency motor can go up all the way to 24,000min-1 at a very quick ramp up time.
  • Operator friendly vacuum table ,that holds the part firm and also minimizes the work setting time.
  • We optionally offer conversational type support software

Technical Specifications

Spindle Built-in High frequency AC motor with BT-30 nose
3.8kw 3,000~24,000min-1
Table size,mm 3,000×1,500
ATC ISO30, 12 stations
CNC control unit 4 axis simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 3,465(X2,465)
Y 1,820(Y1,400)
Z 150
U 3,465(X2,465)

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Product introduction