Product introduction

CNC router for equipment of a house

Building Panel CNC router NC1003

  • Various house panels
  • Roof panel

Main features and capabilities

  • Any processing or identifying procedures to be made on plywood flooring or roofing panels can be easily accomplished.
  • The machine and control are interfaced with a CAD system.
  • The head is equipped with an ink-jet printing unit.
  • Plywood panels can be automatically loaded and discharged.

Technical Specifications

Spindle High frequency spindle
8.5kw 3,000~18,000min-1
3.7kw motor CNC circular saw
Table size,mm 2,440×1,220
CNC control unit 6 axis, maximum 3 simultaneously
Strokes,mm X 4,000
Y 1,620
Z 250
U 4,000
W 250
C ±180°

※ 8.5kw is the largest spindle motor available on this model

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Product introduction