Product introduction

Modeling Machines

Simultaneous 3 Axes CNC routers NC516

  • Car models
  • Casting molds
  • Resin mold
  • Sample models, design model
  • Press inspection jig type
  • Rubber glass, FRP type

Main features and capabilities

  • This router's components are strong and rigid enough to perform even heavy cuts with exacting precision.
  • With a table size of 3,000 X 2,000mm and a 700mm Z axis stroke, the router is capable of machining large size three dimensional work pieces.
  • With its 5.5kw AC spindle motor, this model is designed for light metals, resins, or plastics.
  • This model is equipped with a T-slotted table for clamping the parts

Technical Specifications

Spindle AC spindle
5.5kw motor 100~12,000min-1
Table size,mm 2,000×3,000
ATC MAS BT40, 8 stations in a carousel magazine
CNC control unit Simultaneous 3 axes
Strokes,mm X 2,000
Y 3,000
Z 700

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Product introduction