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Founding - 1967

1926 President Wasaku Shoda estabilishes Shjoda Iron works in Kitateraji Township, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture. We started production of woodworking machinery.
1930 WE invented and started production of the world's first Muti-Purpose Circular Saw.
1942 We invented a projecting cutter with a ten piece blade for grooving. It is widely acclaimed with the industry.
1944 We establish Shoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. and we took over all the businesses.
1947 We built Japan's first Router.
20,000 rpm. Router Head was developed, and we built strong customer base in the router industry.
We developed drill <router bit> for router, and started complete production of routers and cutting tools both.
1949 We increase the capital to capital 1,500,000 Japanese yen.
1951 We opened a new office in Tokyo.
1953 We built a Casting Factory. All manufacturing si completed in-house.
1954 We increase the capital to 4,500,000 Japanese yen.
1957 The capital was inceased to 18 Million yen.
Shoda developed a process bonding a super hard alloy to a circular saw blade creating a Super hard Circular blade.
1960 We began exporting CNC routers to the US.
1961 We increased the capital to capital 43 MillionJapanese yen.
1962 We moved our manufacturing to a brand new facility at Okaba-Cho.
1963 We increased the capital to capital 50 Million Japanese yen.
1964 We increased the capital to 80 Million Japanese yen.
We developed the nation's first 250m duble surface planner (DSP111).
We establish Osaka branch office.
1965 The Ministry of International Trade granted SHODA to put JIS mark (Japanese Industrial Standards) on all of our products.
We had 40th year anniversary.
1966 Okawa branch office in Okawa-shi, Fukuoka was opened.

1968 (the world's first CNC router release) - 2000

1968 We introduced the NC controlled router, model NC111A for the first time in the world in the OSAKA international trade fair.
1970 We opened a new 2,280m2 facility to manufacture cutting tools.
We developed the NS111 type CNC daburuendotenona, a first for the industry.
1971 Maebashi branch office was opened
The capital was increased to capital 150 million yen.
1973 Won the prize for technical excellence in the 21st woodworking machine exhibition in Nagoya Japan.
1974 We develop nation's first bridge type CNC router, model NC191.
1975 50th anniversary.
1976 Won the prize for technical excellence on the NC162B CNC multi purpose machine at the sixth Osaka woodworking machine exhibition.
1977 our NC router wins "Excellence in Development Award" from Association of Machine Promotion (Chairman: Mr. Toshio Doko).
Develped the NC145, a NC modeling machine to machine car model in full scale.
1979 Development of numerically controlled coupling processing machine, NC411 was developed.
1981 SHODA received "Excellence in Development Award"from Association of Machine Promotion (Chairman: Mr. Toshio Doko) for the second time.
We develop NC3 type CNC composition robot.
1982 The NC-3 robot received "Prize of excellence in engineering" in the 9th Woodworking Exhibition.
We developed artificial diamond to be used in the wood working industry for the first time in the indutry.
1983 NC3 robot wins technical excellent prize in the 26th Nagoya international woodworking machine exhibition.
1984 We develop 5 axes simultaneous controlled CNC swing robot NC371for the first time in in the industry.
1985 SHODA Mechatro-soft-center was completed, and it allowed us to enhance our software development capabilities and machine display. SHODA won "Excellence in Technical Development Award" in the 27th Nagoya International Woodworking Machine Exhibition on NC swing robot, NC371. WE had 60th anniversary.
1986 In June, we established the Nagoya Office.
Model NC516P, a simultaneous 5 axis Pallet Changer type CNC router won a "Technical Excellence" prize in the 11th Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition.
After three years of research, we introduced a circular saw with a ceramic blade. Additionally, we introduced a Building Materials Processing Center, model NC461PC with accompaning CAD/CAM software. In October, our model MC516, a simultaneous 5-Axes Pallet Changer type CNC Router won the "Technical Excellence Award" at the 28th Nagoya International Machine Exhibition.
1988 We established the Takamatsu Office.
Our model NC292 Daburuendotenonaruta won a "Technical Excellence Award" at the 12th Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition.
1989 We established the Yamagata Office.
Our model FNC21 Daburuendotenonaruta won a "Technical Excellence Award" at the 29th Nagoya International Woodworking Exhibition.
1990 Opened Sapporo Office.
1991 We developed artificial tooth (crown, bridge) machining process.
1992 Our model NC3 Transfer Equipment won the highest award for new development athe the 14th Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition.
Our super hard Diamond circular saw achieved Japan Industrial Standard certificaion.
1993 Won "excellence in technology" prize in the 31st Nagoya international woodworking machine exhibition with the NC3 woodwork processing system, which requires no operators.
1994 Won "excellece in design" award in the 15th Osaka woodworking equiopment show with the newly developed PCS211 panel material processing machine.
1995 In the 32nd Nagoya international woodworking machine exhibition, CNC robot NC3-P-1320 AHC+AHC with palette changer won technical excellent prize.
1996 In the 16th Osaka woodworking machine tool show, cutter-type stairs processing CNC router, model NC291-6713 won the "technical excellence" prize.
1997 We delivered two simultaneous 5 axis CNC routers, model NC1U to America's Boeing Corporation. At the 33rd Nagoya International Woodworking Machine Exhibition, we won a "Technical Excellence Award" for our CNC Circumerence Stair Processing Center, model MAS1000.
1998 At the Tokyo International Woodworking Machine Exhibition, we exhibited our purasuchikkuritomingumashin model PTM3000U, which won a Popularity Award.
At the 17th Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition, our Plastic Trimming Machine, model PTM3000U ( with a 40,000 RPM spindle) won a "Technical Excellence Award"
1999 Manufacturing CNC routers in Shanghai. Started manufacturing Circular saw blades in Hangzhou, China.
It is circular saw start of production in Hangzhou, China
2000 Our CNC Calamis Processing Machine, model PCS311 won a Popularity Award at the Tokyo Internation Woodworking Machine Exhibition. Our Net-Adaptive CNC Router, model NC20001-IT with Cyber Support, won a "Technical Excellence Award" at the Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition. Production of our model NC2001-1326 begins in Shanghai, China.

2001 …

2001 The Shanghai Shoda international trade Co., Ltd. was established.
Shanghai CNC router factory (approximately 1,000 tsubos) operation start
In the 35th Nagoya international woodworking machine tool show, CNC router TITANIUM-IT won the "technical Excellence Award".
2002 We moved the Headquarter to the new facility at 1-9-2, Shinmiyakoda, Hamamatsu-shi.
In the machine tool show in Atlanta, GA, USA, our CNC router APEX is nominated for "challengers award.
2003 PC boring machine PCB111was introduced.
2004 In February, Hiroshi Shoda takes office as President / Director. In September, our model NC1001, a Single-Bridge type CNC Router is shown in the Tokyo International Woodworking Exhibition and wins a Popularity Award. In October, our Plywood Processing Center, model NC1003, wins a "Technical Excellence Award" at the 20th Osaka Woodworking Machine Exhibition.
2005 In the 37th Nagoya international woodworking machine exhibition, CNC program support software "Vector" won the prize of "technical excellence".
2006 In October, our model NC1101-2712, a Single-Bridge type CNC Router with a Jig Navigation System wins "Technical Excellence Award" at the Osaka Woodworking Fair and the Tokyo International Woodworking Machine Exhibition.
In October, NC1101-2712 signal bridge type CNC router jig navigation system wins the highest award by exhibit popularity contest as well as Osaka exhibition by Tokyo international woodworking machine exhibition
2008 In November, our model NC101-3015, a Single-Bridge type CNC router wins an "Excellent Product Award" at the Osaka Wood Technology Fair. Our Single-Bridge model NC101-3513 wins the highest award for a new product at both the Osaka Wood Technology Fair and the Tokyo International Woodworking Machine Exhibition. We announce our new standard CNC router NCN series; NCN8000,NCN2000,NCN1000,NC101.
2009 Shanghai Shoda international trade Co., Ltd. 100% sibsodoay of SHODA. Developed high speed 5-axis Alumimum machining system, STRATEGIA series. Milling master MC8000 was developed. Newly developed CNC router witih 5 axis simultaneous control, model NC7000U and PTM7000U were put in to the market.
2010年 We exhibited a large 5 axis bridge type mill, STRATEGIA 200, at Chicago Machine Tool Exhibition (IMTS)
2011 The Strategia 200 is exhibited in the Aerodemister Show in the US targeting the Aviation and Defense Industries. We announce a new model, the NCN8100 as an improvement of the NCN8000. We announce new models, MC7000 and MC8000. We celebrate Shoda / Shanghai's 10th anniversary.

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