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Company's mottoes Being loved and trusted by our customers, and pursuing happiness for all the empoloyees.
  1. Customers' satisfaction
  2. Profit for our dealers
  3. Happy life for our employees
Company's objectives
  1. Pursuit of happiness of discretion both sides of all employees
  2. We contribute to peace and development of all humankind
Mission Through support of cutting of material which is lighter than iron, we try to activate manufacturing in Japan with pride.
Our vision
  1. To resemble a research facility wherein our employees, whith apositive attitude, strive to resolve manufacturinig challenges.
  2. We recognize that assemblingthe components of high value-added procuts is business basics, and that the advancement fo technological development is a global responsibility for which we devote our talents.
Business Philosophy Although the products are CNC Routers and their complementary accessories, the greatest value to our customers are our devoted employees. Contributing total effort with a never-give-up attitude, we strive for complete customer satisfaction.
Our product Promise
  1. The feeling of satisfaction after purchase
  2. The grawing of that satisfaction long after the purchase is made.
  3. A sense of superiority when using.
Slogan Your CNC router partner

In 1926, we began the design and production of woodworking machinery as our main business. Throughout the years, from that original idea, numerous patents have been granted which have played a large role in the development of the industry.
As the guiding light of our second generation, Presiden Isao Shoda invented the world's first NC Router. This particular advancement brought about a revolution in the furniture and musical instrument production industries… Wood sculpturing by numerical control.
Recoginition of, and appreciation for, the Shoda brand grew around the world: the US, Europe, and Across Asia

Our advancements within the woodworkiknig industry led to major progress in the manufacturing processes of numerous other industries, including the software developments.
Our product domain addresses the manufacture fo coponents for airplaanes, man-made satellites, rockets, ligh alloys for railrrroad vehicles, AFRP parts in every industry including automotive modelinig Mechanical-electrical games, medical devices, plastic part processing, and smartphones.

Determined to maintain oru high quality standards and remain cost competitive, we established a satellite manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

By repeating gthe progress made with our original techniques, Shoda develops a full line of superior products, each advancign the technology of the age and raisign the satisfaction of our customers, aimign to be the world's CNC Router leader so as to contribute to the profit management fo oru customers.

Additonally, still fostering our "Never give up until the custoemr si satisfied" attitude, we want to hear our customers to say, "Shoda, what you dois good" based on our hard work, product quality, and after sale service and suport.

Thank you for your support.

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Company profile