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SHODA strives forward with engineering oriented mind, consstantly evolving in the industry.

From our founding in 1926, Shoda has contributed to the growth of numerous World Industries. First with our basic Router, then with the World's first NC Router and continuing with a wide array of accompanying accessories and subsequent usages. In our entry-way lobby, we have on display that first NC Router which was built in 1968. This machine led a revolution in "Lighter than Iron" production methods and numerical programming systems around the world. Shoda's industrial equipment, especially the NC Router and its derivitives, are now used in a wide variety of industrial fields: aviation, satellites, and light alloy and CFRP components which can found in railroad vehicles and LCD televisions, additionally glass and plastic products, and car modeling.

  • Entire view of
    the Headquarters

  • Entrance of
    the Headquarters

  • Manufacturing facility in
    the Headquarters

  • Manufacturing facility in the Headquarters

Our Shanghai factory offers high precision, cost-competitive NC Routers to target and support the Chinese, Southeast Asian, and other growing markets.

  • The Shanghai factory

  • Inside of the Shanghai

  • Inside of the Shanghai

Design and product development department

Using three-dimensional CAD, we can studay each application from various aspects, such as accuracies,cutting speed, efficient manufacturing in the space available, to come up with the most cost effective solutions to our customers.

Quality control department

All machine components are precision inspected using 3-dimensional Coordinate Measuring Machines and are throughly quality controlled. At completion, each machine is Statically and Dynamically examined for Positioning, Repeatablity, and Roundness Accuracy using Laser Measurement instruments. The testing processes are repeated numerous times prior to passing our stringent quality control standards.

Production department

We assemble the machines with customer oriented mind in the very clean factory. We have a long experience in building our own spindles. Addtionally, SHODA can offer a total turn key solutins involiing cutting tools and CAD/CAM software.

Shoda machines have been delivered to, and earned recognition and respect from numerous Aeroplane manufacturers around the world. As in the past, we will act to enhance our after-sale service as we continue seeking solutions for the world's manufacturing challenges.

  • Production of the main

  • Laser measuring instrument

  • Coordiate measuring

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