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Resale machine registration

Policy on registration for resold machine (used plane)

Inquiries of repair of resale machine, which hasn't been registered with our database (used plane) and parts have increased recently. We have set up a new system, enabling our customers to get the same level of services fotwards resold machine since December 1, 2003. New process procedure have been taken place on April 1, 2006, as being explained below.
Please refer the conditions below


Any service and parts inquiries , as per section 4,won't be responded, unless the machine has already been registered in our system. Additioonally, please understand that we may run in to the situation where we find that the servide we can provide is limited due to parts availabilities.
Please return the registration form to us first. We will notify you the status of registration acceptance process

Registration and inquiry process

Please send matter necessary for resale machine registration form after input.
After the registration is approved, pleae wire the registration fee (2.registration expense reference)

1. Model

  • CNC machine in general
  • Other memory functions machine with

2. Price for registration

Resale (overall NC machine, other memory functions machine with) in the domestic market ¥162,000-/ Machine (Tax Included)
Relocate the machine to overseas (CNC machine in general) ※1 ¥216,000-/ machine (Tax Included)

※8% of consumption tax to be added to the abvoe
※We first provide you the account number wire the payment. Transfer fee is on your account.
※After the money transfer is confirmed, we will provide you with registration number and send reauthorized machine seal.

3. Registration process for the machines which have already been resold, registration expense are the same as the above together.

4. Our Supported for registration article

Following support will be charged separately, in additin to the registration fee. Subject to quoting separatly.
Please note that there could be a case where we find that we can't provide much support due to discontinued parts and other reasons, after the registration was made.

  1. Reissue of electric drawing
  2. Reissue of instruction manual
  3. Installation and trial run
  4. Maintenance

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