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Resold Machine Registration Program

Resold Machine Registration Program

Please fill the information on Resold Machine Registration Form

How to Register Resold Machine

We strongly recommend registering with our Resold Machine Registration Program. We will not be able to provide any service without Machine Transfer registration.
Please register from Shoda web site.

Please fill the information on Resold Machine Registration Form.

01 Applicable Model

CNC units

02 Registration fee
Inside of Japan

*1An export application is required when exporting CNC machines overseas. Please contact your sales representative for details. We will send you our application form (paid). For resale to China, Shanghai Shoda will be the local support window.

If you would like to register, we will inform you of the bank account number, so please remit the payment. Bank transfer fee will be paid by the customers.

After confirmation of the remittance, we will inform you of your registration numbers, and send you a seal of certified registration for your machine.

03 Correspondence of registered machines

The following jobs are charged separately from the registration fee.
However, we ask for your understanding in the event that we are unable to service your machine due to a discontinuation of its constituent parts.

  • Reissue of electric drawings
  • Reissue of Operation Manuals
  • Installation and test operation
  • Maintenance