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All-Round CNC Router


Dust Reduction CNC Router NCN1300-PB-SCP
  • Dust reduction (Cutting dust reduction)
  • SHODA CNC Protocol (User friendly Interface)
  • Gantry type
  • As an option, connect with Robocell System

[Features of Robocell System]

  • Automatic jig production and handling

  • Automatic material handling
  • Remote monitoring

Note: Conditions will be required to connect Robocell System.

Please ask SHODA’s sales person for the details. Dust Reduction CNC Router NCN1300-PB-SCP has a function to reduce cutting dust and to clean working environment. Also, it is useful for cutting resin and wood under dry condition.












Spindle AC spindle
11kw 100~20,000min-1
Table size (mm) 1,300×2,600
ATC BT30, 12 tools
CNC control unit SHODA-FANUC 4 axes simultaneous control
Strokes (mm)
X・U 3,250(column back and forward)
Y 1,510(spindle left and right)
Z 350(spindle up and down)
Option C-axis turning function