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All-Round CNC Router


Gantry Type 5 Axes CNC Router NCN1300U
  • Machine height 2,800mm. Simultaneous 5-axes control.
  • Available of φ355 circular saw.
  • Better function improvement of reducing cutting dust than conventional machine.


Spindle AC spindle
11kw 100~18,000min-1
Table size (mm) 1,300×2,600
ATC BT40, 16 tools
CNC control unit SHODA-FANUC 6 axes simultaneous control
Strokes (mm)
X,U 3,600 (column back and forward)
Y 1,710 (spindle left and right)
Z 400 (spindle up and down)
B ±110°
C ±360°
Option HSK63F(maximum speed 20,000min-1)