Product introduction

High Speed NC router

High Speed NC router NCW516

  • Furniture
  • Building materials
  • Large resin board
  • Signboard

Main features and capabilities

  • Mechanical outage time is brought close to 0 to the utmost by doing material setting in another table during processing.
  • It is possible to process a separate product alternately at the table of left and right.
  • It is possible to processing the product of the big size which is extends over 2 tables.

Technical Specifications

Spindle Four High frequency spindle
12kw 3,000~18,000min-1
Spindle nose Manual clamping collett type
Table size,mm 1,600×3,200×2
CNC control unit 4 axisn simultaneous
Strokes,mm X,U 2,100
Y 6,200
Z 350

※ Spindle out put power of 12kw

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Product introduction