Product introduction

CNC router for equipment of a house

Gantry-type NC router for machining composite materials NCN3000

  • Door
  • Flooring
  • Washstand
  • Closet
  • Various house panels
  • Stairs
  • Kitchen material
  • Roof panel

Main features and capabilities

  • Various functions for machining parts for housing industry.
  • Many head configulation to choose from, depending on the applications.
  • The built-spindle, developed by SHODA, delivers both high power and high speed.

Technical Specifications

Spindle Built-in AC spindle
11kw 100~20,000min-1
3.7kw NC controlled saw
Maximum dia circular saw φ 355
Table size,mm 3,000×1,500
ATC 8-stations carousel type ATC magazine
CNC control unit 4 axis or 5 axis simultaneous control
Strokes,mm X 3,450
Y 2,250
Z 350
U 450
C ±180°

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Product introduction