Product introduction

Modeling Machines

Five Axes Modeling machine NC7000U/PTM7000U

  • Car models
  • Casting molds
  • Resin mold
  • Sample models, design model
  • Press inspection jig type
  • Rubber glass, FRP type

Main features and capabilities

  • The 800mm Z axis stroke is ideal for model making.
  • 5 axes simultaneously control can handle machining any inclined surfaces.
  • Fine machined surfaces can be achieved on complicated shape parts.
  • The extra high rigid bridge assures high accuaracies for a long period of time.

Technical Specifications

Spindle Articulating head with high frequency motor
Universal head
8.5kw motor 3,000~18,000min-1
Table size,mm 1,300×2,100
ATC 8 tools spindle nose:BT30
CNC control unit 5 axes simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 1,600(X2,100 X2,600)
Y 3,100
Z 800
B ±110°
C ±360°

※ 8.5kw is the largest spindle motor available on this model

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Product introduction