Product introduction

CNC router for resining

CNC Router for machining Resin and Plastics NC5001

  • Various Industrial parts
  • Medical equipment
  • Tablet
  • Automotive components
  • Recreation article
  • Digital appliances

Main features and capabilities

  • High-precision CNC router for exclusive use on resin(plastic) panel machining.
  • Uses can be widely found, from large-scale flat panel TVs to small cell phones with liquid crystal displays.
  • Mass production is further enhanced with an optional 4 head version.
  • Each head is equipped with height offset which ensures Z axis accuracy.

Technical Specifications

Spindle 4 High frequency spindles
3.5kw 6,000~20,000min-1
Table size,mm 1,200×2,400
ATC S20T, 5-station rack magazine for each spindle
CNC control unit 6 axis, maximum 3 simultaneous
Strokes,mm X 1,300
Y 1,300
Z1 150
Z2 150
Z3 150
Z4 150

※ 3.5kw is the largest spindle motor available on this model

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Product introduction