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Shoda homepage is run by Shoda (called "our site" as follows).
SHODA requests each of visitor to read and understand each paragraph in advance.
We consider that we have had you agree to this site policy when we access our site and use this.


Text, image, illustration, picture, right about all contents (we call contents as generic name as follows) including program shown in our site belong to us or original work author. With personal reproductions of these contents being beyond range accepted by law; cannot use. Reproduction, modification, reproduction, sale, Copyright Act others law including publication without getting us, consent of original work author is prohibited.

About browser environment

We recommend the following browsers so that reading uses our site with the best results.

Windows: More than Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.0 / Google Chrome (the latest edition)
Mozilla Firefox (the latest edition) MacOS: Safari (the latest edition) / Chrome (the latest edition)
Firefox (the latest edition)


We use JavaScript in our site. When our site is viewed under without JavaScript, you might not be able to use some services. Reads in environment not to be able to use, you may not use service in some contents. When invalidate JavaScript, contents do not work properly, and page may not be correctly displayed. When you visit our site use, we do recommend that JavaScript remain in effect.

Style sheet

We use style sheet (CSS) for page layout in our site. You may experience display problem, if view the site without CSS.

About use of cookie (Cookies)

In our site, use Cookies for preservation of viewing environment, confirmation of inquiry contents and analysis of access. It will be omitted trouble that visitor inputs every time by using structure of cookies and may collect history information of page that visitor visited. We never get personal information of visitor by cookies. In addition, visitor can refuse receiving Cookies if you do not want to. In this case part of service in our web-site may not work. Please refer to "Help" of Web browser for method to set invalidity of Cookie.

About link

Please contact us and let us know in advance the purpose of the link, the URL of the page of the link and contact information by following information form if you wish to link to our site. In addition, please understand the following matters beforehand.
We request that the link to be made to the top page as general rule.
Indication becoming a part to other sites and the for-profit link decline the indication in the frame. In addition, I may decline a link when I take it in us, and it is judged that it is disadvantageous. As for the contents on our site or our site, it may be stopped to change, deletion or a stop without any notice. In addition, about any information of our site, please understand that it is not a thing reflected by the latest information.


We adopt each content in our site after being careful, and having confirmed to create, however do not take responsibility for the accuracy, the equivalency nature, integrity.
We shall have you use any information to be provided from this site in judgment and responsibility of user oneself. In addition, all of information or responsibility about all of problem that link from this web-site are not going to our responsibility. All of responsibility would be Manager of each link.
We change contents and URL on this site without notice or it may be canceled. We do not take responsibility about any damage to occur because of interruption of change of information and use of our site or cancellation for whatever reason. Please understand beforehand.

Privacy policy

We promote protection of personal information by SHODA company (following "we") establishing the following privacy policy, and building structure of personal information protection, and enforcing recognition and approach of importance of personal information protection on all employees.

Management of personal information

We keep the personal information of our customers accurate and update, in order to prevent such unauthorized access, loss, damage, alteration, leakage of personal information, the management system of the security system and employee training and take necessary measures such as thorough, and implement safety measures you can make the strict management of personal information.

Purpose of use of personal information

We use personal information that we have received from visitor may be used for any business communications or answers to your questions, that to be sent my mail.

Prohibiting disclosure, offer any personal information to any third party.

We do not disclose personal information to third party, unless we face with any of the following three situations.

  • When it is agreed by the customer.
  • When we disclose some information to an organization who is subcontract for us.
  • When it is needed to disclose your personal information according to laws and ordinances

Safety measures of personal information

We take perfect measures to maintain high level of security and accuracy on personal information.

Inquiry of person

When correction or deletion of personal information is requested by the customer, we can respond to your request after confirming some security issues.


We observe and comply any laws in Japan, relating to handling personal information to hold. We also continually review the contents of the regulations, and do our best to appropreately improve it.


Please contact the following for any inquires concerning the handling of our personal information.

The SHODA Company

〒431-2103 1-9-2, Shinmiyakoda, Kita-ku, Hamamatsu-shi, Shizuoka, JAPAN
TEL: +81-53-428-6234 / FAX: +81-53-428-6245/

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